HouseShort Sale Services

Short sale transactions can benefit sellers by providing relocation credit cash out at closing of approximately $3,000.00 and eliminating personal liability for the deficiencies on the mortgage notes and judgments. Buyers benefits because real estate can be purchased at below market value.

Bartifay Law Offices, P.C. provides short sale representation, which takes the obligation for processing the short sale application from the listing agent, along with any potential liability for failure to correctly represent the seller’s interests.

Attorney Bartifay has successfully negotiated hundreds of short sale agreements with mortgage lenders. He will appear at your realtor offices in order to present an educational seminar entitled “The Pitfalls of Short Sales”, which takes approximately 30 minutes and provides real estate agents with a basic understanding of short sale transactions.

In most cases, the attorney fees can be paid from the closing proceeds with no out-of-pocket contribution from the seller. Attorney Bartifay does prefer for his settlement agency, Attorney Partner Settlement Services, L.P. to perform the closing services due to his familiarity with short sale transactions.

Please feel free to contact Attorney Bartifay directly with questions about short sales generally or with specific questions about a particular short sale transaction, or to schedule a short sale educational seminar at your offices.